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Super Doctor VER1.98

Add SPD 8825\6825 CPU Support
Add SPD 8825\6825 CPU Write Flash Support

Move the MTK 6575 NAND Write Flash Support 0x840 page
Add MTK android IMEI Change with USB Cable Support

Software Add Set Pinout Windows
in Software Tools Add Dragon V2 software
Add Reset Foramt for SPD android Phone [beta]

Super Doctor VER1.97
Move the Software Face
Add Pinout Set Function
Add Commzero Link in the Tools
Fix Others bugs

Super Doctor VER1.96
Fix MTK EMMC Flash IC Format
Fix MTK 6573 Flash Bugs
Fix MTK 6575 Flash Bugs
Fix MTK 6255 Flash Bugs
SC6531 Flash Bugs Fix
SC6531 IMEI Repair Add New ALG

Super Doctor VER1.95
SPD6531 Full Support
MTK 6250/6252 Add USB Full Support

Super Doctor VER1.93
Add MTK Android 6583 6589 CPU Support
Read Flash\Read Info\Format\Write Flash Add
MTK 6255 USB IMEI Write Add
MTK 625A USB IMEI Write Add
Fix MTK EMMC Flash Format Bugs
**others MTK USB IMEI Write Will Add Soon as Soon

Super Doctor Ver 1.88

Add MTK 6255 6236 NAND Write Flash New ALG
Fix MTK After Done,Software "Return Data Error"Bugs
Add MTK 6577 6575 EMMC Write Flash Support
Add MTK 6573 6575 NAND Write Flash Support
Add MTK 6577 6575 EMMC Format Support
Add MTK New Flash Support
SPD 6820 8810 Get Flash Info Add
SPD Smart Phone Read Flash Without Set the Size
First Support MTK 6260 CPU Support
MTK 6260 Read Info Add
MTK 6260 Read Flash Add
MTK 6260 Write Flash Add
MTK 6260 Format Add
MTK 6260 IMEI Repair Add

Super Doctor Ver 1.87

Add Mstar 8532BL CPU Support
Add MTK Smart Phone EMMC Flash Read Flash Support
Fix SPD 6600L flash Bugs
Fix Mstar NAND Flash Bugs

Super Doctor Ver 1.85

Add MTK CPU 6515 Smart Phone Read Flash
Add MTK CPU 6515 Smart Phone Format
Add MTK CPU 6236 Write Flash
Fix 6575 CPU Read Flash 1% Stop Bugs

Super Doctor Ver 1.84

Fix MTK Smart Phone Format Bugs
Add MTK 6251 CPU Support
Fix MTK 6250 Flash Bugs
Add MTK CPU 6573 Smart Phone Support
Add MTK CPU 6575 Smart Phone Support
Add MTK CPU 6236 Support
Fix 6800H Flash Bugs

Super Doctor Ver 1.82

Fix 6800H 6803 Toshiba Bugs
Add MST8B08B16F Flash Support
Fix 6600L S29 Flash Bugs

Super Doctor Ver 1.81

Spreadtrum News:
Add SC6803 CPU Support
Add SC6800H\6803 CPU Support COM Boots
**Read Flash\Write Flash\Read Info\IMEI Repair**
SC6800H\6803 CPU Support Format

/* First in the World SC6800H\6803 Support Com Boot */

Mstar News:
Fix Mstar 853XB CPU Bugs
Fix Mstar NAND Flash Bugs

Tip: You Must Upgrade You Box Firmware to 1.62 !!!

Super Doctor V1.80

*First in the World Support Spreadtrum Android*
Spreadtrum SC6820 SC8810 Add
Read Flash Support
Auto Format Support
Write Flash Support
Read Code Support
IMEI Repair Support

Mstar 8532B CPU Add
Read Flash Support
Write Flash Support
Read Code Support

You need Upgrade your Box to 1.61 after Spreadtrum 6820 Pinfind Support

Super Doctor V1.78

Remake Spreadtrum Flasher Function
SPD 6610 6620 6600L WT6226 Support USB/COM Funtion
Read Flash\Write Flash\IMEI Repair\Format\Read Info
SPD 6530A CPU First in the World Support COM Functio
Read Flash\Write Flash\IMEI Repair\Format\Read Info
All CPU if Flash Unknow You can Set the Flash Size Read Back Flash

Super Doctor V1.77

Add IMEI Repair Support (Two IMEI options)
Fix Some BUG in MTK
First Support SPD 4 IMEI Repair without Read Back Flash
Add New Flash IC Support

Super Doctor Ver 1.76

SPD Support 6600L,WT6226 CPU
Read Info
Read Flash
Write Flash
Read Code
Read\Write NV
Add new algorithm For SPD Unlock

MTK Add 6235 Support
Read Info
Read Flash
Write Flash--No Done

SILabs Support
Read info
Read Flash
Write Flash
MTK Add Auto Get Mobile Porject ID
All CPU Read Flah auto Save Flash File Path

Super Doctor Ver 1.75

Spreadtrum Add SC6610,SC6620,SC6530A Support£º
Read Info
Read Flash
Write Flash
Read Code
Read /Write NV
Format User Data£¬Save NV date
MTK Support 625A CPU
Read Info
Read Flash
Write Flash
MTK USB Flash Support 625A 6250 6252 and More....
Fix MTK Read Info Error

Super Doctor Ver 1.72

Fix Mstar NAND Flash Bug!
Mstar Nor 64MB Flash Full Support!
Add MTK USB Pinfind Function
Add MTK,USB Read Flash \Write Flash Function
Add MT6225 Factory SET Function
Tip: MTK USB Flash Support MTK 6255 only At this time!

Super Doctor Ver 1.71

Full Support MTK 6255
Read Flash\Write Flash\Format!!!

Super Doctor Ver 1.70

1:MTK 6255 Read Flash Support
2:Automatic identification NOR/NAND Function

1:Add SMW8533N Read Flash\Write Flash\Read Code
2:SMW8533C_D_N,64M/128M(NAND) Full Support
3:SMW8533C_D_N Add New Flash Support

1:Add Read Flash\Read Code Support

CoolSand Is New Function,in test...

Super Doctor Ver 1.68

1:Add MTK 6253 More Support
2:Fix Flash Fail Bug in MTK CPU Mobile.
3:Fix MTK 6250/6252 Boot Fail Bug.
4:New Flash Support SF_GD25LQ128.

New Software 1.66 News[2012-07-30]
Ver 1.66 News:
1:Correction of MTK CPU Boots(Like 6253\6225).
2:Add MTK Factory Set New Function First in the world.
3:Add MTK New Flash Support.


Super Doctor Box Ver 1.65

Box Firmware 1.60C update£º
1:New Firmware More Fast Pinfind Mstar CPU Mobile
2:Add Mstar Boot+ Pinfind Support

Ver 1.65 News:
1:Add Mstar8533N(NAND 64M) Support,Read Flash\Write Flash\Read Code.
2:Support Mstar 8533C\8533D\8532 (NOR 32M) Support,Read Flash\Write Flash\Read Code.
3:More Best Function Mstar Read Code Form Flash File.
3:MTK CPU Support.
Read Info\Read Flash\Write Flash\auto Format Add.
4:MTK Last Boot Ver v5.1209.00 Add,Support MTK 6250\6252....CPU.

Software Ver 3.942 News[2012-10-03]
New features:
1£º [SPD] Support GIGABYTE/FIDELIX/WINBOND/EON/SST serial flash family WriteFlash on SC6610/20
2£º [SPD] SC6610/20 format improved
3£º [SPD] SC6610/20 unlock improved
4£º [All Chips] Support new serial flash memory:
Bug fixes:
1.[SPD] some SC6610/20 ReadFlash bugs fixed

Software Ver 3.941 News[2011-12-31]
1.remove software restriction
2.Support new flash memories: SF_GD27Q64, NAND_H8ACSOEJOMCP_66M

Software Ver 3.940 News[2011-10-03]

New features:
1£º [SPD] Support SC6610/20 serial flash
2£º [MStar] Support IMEI rebuild
3£º [All Chips] Support new serial flash memory:
Bug fixes:
1.[SPD] Fix SC6600D ReadFlash
2£º some tiny bug fixed

Software Ver 3.930 News[2011-10-03]

New features:
1£º [MTK] Support MT6252 PCT serial flash
2£º [MTK] boot3.1108 improved
3£º [SPD] IMEI rebuild improved
4£º [MISC] Support Serial Flash 4KB format operation
5£º [All Chips] Support new serial flash memory:
Bug fixes:
1.[MTK] Fix the serial flash ID detection
2.[MTK] Fix MT6252 boot fail
3.some UI bugs fixed

Software Ver 3.920 News[2011-8-24]

New features:
1£º [MTK] MT6236 supported
2£º [MTK] netword unlock improved
3£º [MStar] MSW8533C Nand supported
4£º [All Chips] Support new flash memory:

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